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Our brand personality

The brand personality is what we are, our attitude and how we interact. It defines how we are perceived by others and how we express ourselves. It is central in bringing the Widex brand to life.

For Widex, the brand personality signals the way we strive to be curious, clever and clear.

  • Curious - Open-minded, open to new ideas, aware, original
  • Clever - Intelligent, knowledgeable, innovative, progressive, ambitious
  • Clear - Direct, honest, easy to understand, consistent

  • Confused
  • Too smart or tongue in cheek, too sophisticated, unapproachable
  • Too complex. Talking down to our customers. Simple minded

  • We are not afraid to take an unknown path if we believe it will benefit our customers. We are driven by fascination.
  • We are confident and know where we stand. We are knowledgeable and we always strive to do our very best.
  • We use everyday language and communicate on the levels of our target audiences, providing them with the information they need.