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Tactical activities

Sharing knowledge

Widex is active in promoting our expertise and knowledge through sponsorships of initiatives such as international congresses and trade fairs.

Our paediatric congresses for example, attract a wide range of academics and hearing care professionals. They are an ideal way of reinforcing our commitment to making life better for hearing impaired children.

Reaching out to users to show them the benefits of hearing aids is equally important. One potential way of doing this is by setting up a Widex van or truck with a mobile clinic and hearing test equipment. The van offers easy access in an informal atmosphere to people who may not usually visit clinics.

Sharing values

The Natural Choice campaign is an example of how we activate the brand, displaying some of the core qualities that make the Widex brand stand out through our unique approach to design, technology and the environment. 

Another way to share our values is through local spokespersons. Using either well-known or respected people to act as Widex ambassadors helps reinforce the Widex brand and break down taboos associated with hearing loss.
Local spokesperson should be people whose reputation adheres to our company values and brand personality. Similarly, charities should also be carefully selected to reflect our values.


Creating communities

Competitions or sporting events, such as our successful marathons, are a good way of fostering goodwill. They also bring our dispensers and users together to make them feel part of the Widex family.

Using social media too, helps include hearing care professionals and users in the world of Widex. Interaction through groups on Facebook and other social media provides an intimate connection with users and makes them feel part of a community.