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5th element

Our visual identity emphasises a consistent, professional image that reflects who we are and what we do in the best possible way. That also includes less obvious, but just as important, elements that make our corporate communication truly and uniquely Widex.

This extra Widex ‘touch’ can be seen with what we call the 5th element which adds a certain Widex flair to all design. The 5th element is based on the contour shape of the Widex logo shield.

Based on the unique component in our logo, the fifth element is a useful and flexible design feature that can make our communication a little more recognisably ‘Widex’.

Working with the 5th element

The 5th element can be used in a variety of ways:

Text box

Remember not to stretch or alter the proportions.


These can be used vertically or horizontally as bullets in PowerPoint, brochures, advertisements or other printed material.

Dynamic element

The dynamic element mimics a sound wave dissected by a horizontal line.