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Colour also has a significant influence on the Widex brand and the way it is perceived, and combined with other visual elements, helps build a strong and memorable image.

The Widex’ colour palette has been carefully chosen to emphasise our core branding principle of ‘clarity delivered’.

The palette consists of core corporate colours, supporting colours and functional colours.

Core corporate colours

The use of black and white as our main corporate colours ensures that images stand out and text is easy to read. They also provide design clarity, making products or messages feel less complicated.

Supporting colours

The supporting colour universe that is used to support the corporate brand is predominantly blue. We have developed a range of matching colours that can be used as a supplement to other brand elements. 

Remember that these are supporting colours – don’t let them dominate the black and white look of the material. Pantone 7546 is the main supporting colour.

Functional colours

For more functional or practical communication, such as graphs or layouts like magazine spreads, we go beyond our core and supporting colour choices, and we can use functional colours across both corporate and product design.

But please – use only functional colours from the Widex palette shown here, and even then, sparingly.

Product colour clusters

For each new product family, a unique colour cluster is developed. These clusters serve the purpose of creating consistency within the product series while at the same time differentiating the individual product series.

When adopting campaigns for local initiatives, these colours must be respected - this will ensure that our target groups are able to identify the campaigns within our product portfolio offering.