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The logo is a graphic representation or symbol of the company. It identifies the company in its simplest form and is synonymous with the trademark and brand. A good logo creates an instant impression and is often the first thing a customer notices.

The Widex logo originates from the start of the company in 1956, and while it has undergone several redesigns since, it is easily and consistently recognisable.

Our specially designed typeface and unique ‘shield’ element reinforce Widex as an established, but innovative company of substance.

Using the logo

As our single most important visual element, the logo should not be changed in any way and should always be written with the registered trademark
symbol ®.

When used as a sign-off in non-product communication, the logo must always contain the corporate tagline (‘high definition hearing’). When used in conjunction with product campaigns, the logo must not contain the tagline.


The Widex logo is always black, white, grey or silver. Silver is expressed in a brushed, stainless steel look.

Size and placement

The minimum size of the Widex logo is 15 mm or 43 pixels. As a primary rule, the Widex corporate logo is aligned to the bottom left – both in corporate and product communication. However, in some instances it may be centred or placed to the right to allow for optimal visibility or balance.

Product logos

Every Widex product has a product logo. Product logos are written in capital letters in Gotham typeface and are colour coded in line with the product campaign universe. Product logos are used in all material where we are communicating a specific product - e.g. advertisements, point-of-sales, trade fair and so on.

Remember to always use ™ on product logos.