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Photo style

The photos and imagery Widex uses reflect our branding values in both content and style and they help deliver a clear and relevant emotional connection with our target groups.

Like other design elements, photos must be used consistently. This ensures that people recognise that the communication is from Widex and it reinforces our commitment to helping solve real problems for real people.

All Widex photos aim at telling a story. The story could be a conversation between two people and/or a reflection of the benefit that Widex hearing aid features bring to our users.

In order to obtain an intimate and realistic story, the focus of the image is not on one or the other person, but on the sound that is between the two and in the actual user situation.

Photo style

Our visual identity has its own photo style. Our photos help us express what Widex stands for in a way that other communication cannot always achieve – we respond to them more emotionally.

There are three key aspects to any Widex photograph:

• Presence

• Warmth

• Authenticity

Collectively these help to inspire an emotional response that connects people to our brand in an instinctive way.


Working with the photo style

In general, the photo style should attempt to illustrate the benefits of using our hearing aids.


People frame their lives as stories. Our photographs reflect that insight by seeking to tell a story – no matter how small – that a user can relate to.

Sound space

Our images always depict situations in which sound is an intrinsic element that connects the subjects.


Authenticity is crucial so images should not be overly stylised. Avoid situations that can seem so perfect as to appear false.


Our focus is always on the user situation and the implied benefits our hearing aids deliver.


An uninteresting image can be made compelling with artful croppimg – be creative but remember to respect the subject.