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Typeface plays an important role in the way our brand is perceived. The unique design of a typeface can subtly illustrate the key brand characteristics simply and elegantly. Our typeface for all product and brand communication, Gotham, is a geometric, sans-serif typeface that communicates in an elegant, no-nonsense manner.

Gotham’s simple, unadorned letterforms make it a particularly effective typeface for delivering messages in a clear way - a key aspect of our brand personality.

The typeface is our visual backbone - an element that cleverly makes room for other elements to shine.

Using Gotham

We use four different versions of Gotham in all our communication:

• Gotham Light
• Gotham Bold
• Gotham Narrow Book
• Gotham Narrow Medium

Gotham works best with ‘room to breathe’, so give key messages plenty of space. For maximum impact, headlines must always be written using capital letters and should be kept short and punchy.

Bold can be used to further enhance the message.

Obtaining Gotham

Widex has a number of licences for use internally (for majority owned Widex companies). Other partners and external agencies must source the font directly from Hoeffer & Frere-Jones at


We have developed clear guidelines for applying the typeface - these must be followed precisely in all communication material. The guide can be downloaded from the toolbox.